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About Us

Welcome to the International School at Gregory!

The International School at Gregory has a multidimensional program focusing not only on dual language immersion. This allows our school to provide students with a multitude of experiences, which will prepare them for future success as 21st Century global citizens, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

The school is located near downtown Wilmington, within walking distance of museums, art galleries, historic sites, and government buildings. The campus houses a multitude of outdoor learning opportunities including butterfly, vegetable, and flower gardens, as well as a purple martin nesting area. At Gregory, students from all academic levels are encouraged to work toward their highest potential.

The diverse student population enjoys the benefits of an Academically and Intellectually Gifted program (AIG), a STEM lab, a math lab, a science lab, a multimedia broadcasting studio, and a spacious media center. Our building includes a fully equipped auditorium as well as a large air-conditioned gymnasium. Students have access to the latest technology, including 1 to 1 iPads for K-5 and laptops for middle school, and wireless internet access.

Mission Statement
The International School @ Gregory Dual Language Immersion Program aims to support all students in achieving high levels of academic achievement, bilingualism, and biliteracy by cultivating cross-cultural competency and high levels of student engagement in a comfortable, welcoming, inclusive, and safe environment.

Our vision for Gregory is that students will embrace diversity to reach their full potential and lead productive lives as global citizens in a complex and changing world.


Dual Language Immersion refers to teaching and learning in two languages. Students will be taught part of everyday in Spanish by a Spanish-speaking teacher and in English by an English-speaking teacher.  Students are taught the same curriculum as their peers and are expected to master the same state standards while getting instruction in both languages. The Spanish and English-speaking teachers will collaborate on teaching all subject material.


  1. Academic Achievement - students will be at or above grade level in core subjects.

  2. Bilingualism - students will be effective communicators in both languages.

  3. Biliterate - students will be able to read and write proficiently in both languages.

  4. Sociocultural Competency - students will be engaged in a unique learning community that will teach positive cross-cultural attitudes/behaviors and high levels of self-esteem, thus preparing them to become successful global leaders and learners.

  5. Community Engagement - we believe we must engage parents and community stakeholders in order to maximize our educational impact.

School Hours: 7:40 - 2:35
Students may enter the school building at 7:15 am. 

For information related to discrimination and harassment, see NHCS policies 1710 - Discrimination and Harassment Prohibited by Federal Law and 1725 - Title IX Sexual Harassment