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Science Header
As a magnet school with a concentration in science, Gregory has a state-of-the-art science lab as well as a science resource teacher, Mr. John Pellizzari. View his webpage here.
Each class has a 45 minute lesson with Mr. Pellizzari at least once a week. Lessons are held in Gregory’s science lab, or in one of the many outdoor teaching centers on campus, which include mini-ponds, butterfly gardens, vegetable gardens and bird-watching areas.
Mr. Pellizzari integrates technology in his science classes by using the SMART board and the document camera. In addition, students use iPads along with the Venier probes and software for a true hands-on science experience. Probes utilized include Go Temp, Go Motion, and Go Link which is an interface used to connect other probes, such as the magnetic field sensor.
In addition to lessons with Mr. Pelizzari, students receive instruction in science from their classroom teachers, who use "SCIS"-Science Curriculum Improvement Study and "UTOTES"-Using the Outdoors to Teach Experiential Science.


(Using the Outdoors to Teach Experiential Science)

The use of the UTOTES program started in 1995, when staff members received training in its implementation. Gardens have been created by classes as outdoor labs where students learn by researching plants or animals, and by actually doing much of the planting. Many of these gardens have existed on campus for many years.  A special favorite is a garden that was created in remembrance of the late Mr. Knoll, a former Assistant Principal at Gregory.

In 2006, a rain garden was created to help protect Burnt Mill Creek. This garden is maintained by parents and students.


School Pets
Live Animals - As a magnet school with a concentration in science, Gregory is the only school with a science lab with live animals. Children feed and take care of each one of the animals in the lab. Animals living in the lab include an iguana, a chinchilla, and a snake. The feeding of our small zoo is maintained by parents and children. At the end of every week, children can checkout the animals for the weekend. They can also be checked out during grading nine-week breaks and during the summer. The pets have a birthday party once a year when students bring a present for the animals in the form of food.
Food and bedding donations are needed!!
Iggy the Iguana

Iggy the Iguana has lived in the
science lab for many years.  He is
loved by all students.