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Science Fair


Gregory is proud to have a science fair every year.
Some teachers may require students to participate for a class grade or homework assignment, but it is not a schoolwide requirement at this time.
The purpose of the event is to involve students in an investigation of how science and engineering is used in their community, school and home. These projects are designed to develop your child's design thinking, problem-solving, and research skills.
All the students from grades 3-7 are eligible to participate in the NC Science and Engineering Fair at the school level. Winners from the school level will move on to the county fair. Winners from the district level will move on to the regional competition and from there to state. Gregory has been honored to bring home state champions in the NC Science and Engineering Fairs.


Gregory also has a proud tradition of bringing home state trophies from the NC state math fair. All students grades K-7 are eligible to participate in the Math Fair. Classes may also participate by submitting a class math project.
The school math fair is held at a different time than the school science and engineering fair so students are free to enter either or both. Teachers may or may not choose to require students to participate in a class math fair project or submit individual projects.
Winners from the school fair automatically move to the Regional Math Fair, and then if they win at that level they are eligible to move on to the State Math Competition.
Additional information about the Science and the Math Fair may be downloaded.